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A Real Home is Coming

A city actually. Built from the ground up.

For America’s entire chronic homeless adult population.

In 11 years, they’ll never live in disgust again.

The Obvious Problem

For decades, politicians have worked to “end homelessness” by building small shelters all across America to house our chronic homeless. But despite all their efforts and billions of tax dollars spent, about 90,000 still live on the streets in deplorable conditions. With current efforts, data indicates it will take about 200 years to build enough shelters for all of them. But it’s obvious we can’t wait that long.

The Clear Solution

It’s time to think differently about solving this crisis. Instead of taking hundreds of years to build thousands of shelters; the clear solution is to build 1 city for up to 150,000 people. By building outside the urban core and utilizing economies of scale, Citizens Again can build a complete, large-scale, economically sustainable solution desired by the entire chronic homeless population; within about 11 years.

A City Built for the Homeless
to Become Citizens Again

America’s most in need can soon live with dignity, rebuild their self-respect, enjoy friendships, live safely, and start a new chapter in life.

Citizens Again is a project to build a single, supportive living environment exclusively for America’s entire chronic homeless population.

It will be a secure, all-inclusive, private city with all the amenities and services necessary for a 150,000 high-needs population.

Qualified citizens choose to live here and are free to leave at any time. Some might want to stay forever. Others might just need a chance to get back on their feet to reenter society. Either way, it’s an opportunity for a better life for all.

A Complete and Desireable City

It will be a city they’ll want to live in, a community they’ll want to be part of, and for those that desire, an opportunity to gain life skills to integrate back into society.


  • Hospital
  • Dental and Vision Services
  • Mental Health

Entertainment & Activities

  • Movie Theatre
  • Bowling Alley
  • Sports Courts

Various Facilities

  • Hotel for visiting family
  • Dog park and kennel
  • Perimeter staff housing

Reentry Preparation

  • Job Training
  • GED certificates
  • Housing & Job Placement

And much more.

View large map or see the full list of Facilities, Amenities, Services, and Support

Designed for the Masses

Every aspect of the City will be designed and built to handle 150,000 citizens comfortably.

Click to enlarge or view Full Gallery

Remove Symptoms of Homelessness

To solve the problems the homeless cause society, we MUST solve their problems first.


    Occupying Rec Areas

    Open Defecation

    Public Intoxication

    Spreading Diseases

    Discarded Needles



    Roaming Mentally Ill

    Strain on Services

    Random Violence

    Homeless Encampments

    Sidewalk Camping

    Biohazard Risks

    Outdoor Drug Labs

    Fecal Runoff

    Thefts & Break-ins

    Sterilization Crews

    Encampment Clearing

    Tent Cities

    Heavy Police Presence

    Scattered Carts

    Car Camping

    Trashed Environment

Much Different from Other Efforts

Billions Cheaper

By building a single location outside the urban core, and utilizing economies of scale, Citizens Again will be billions cheaper than current efforts (and provide more services than any other efforts).

See detailed costs to build, and run.

200 Years Quicker

Current government efforts will take about 200 years to reach functional zero street homeless, based on the averaged annual reduction rate over the past 10 years.

With Citizens Again, it will take about 11 years to complete the City and about 2 years to populate it fully; for a total of about 13 years to reach functional zero street homelessness.

Redefining Humanity

Citizens Again has uniquely identified a deeper understanding of what’s needed for people to thrive, not just survive. It goes way beyond today’s humanity minimums of shelter, clothes, and food. It’s called the 20 Building Blocks of Humanity, and it will encompass every aspect of service for the City.

Let’s Start the Process




The City

To make this happen, Citizens Again needs your support. The government and philanthropists won’t invest in early-stage projects without detailed and formal feasibility studies, business case documents, whitepapers, and more.

With crowdfunding, Citizens Again will start building the initial team and work with outside agencies to create the necessary deliverables to pave the path for future funding, and ultimately create this solution.




The City

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