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Tuff Shed housing for Sacramento homeless costs $58,000 per person, per year

Tuff Shed Housing For Sacramento Homeless

The Sacramento City Council has approved and is installing Tuff Sheds to house young homeless adults for $58,000 per year per person, which also includes job training, financial literacy, rehousing services, 24/7 monitoring, individualized case management services and operations, and mental health services as needed. The total cost for 2 years is $5.6 million. Sacramento will install 24 sheds, to house 2 adults each, for a total of 48 people in the program.

Compare these 120 sq. ft. shelter that costs $58,000 per year, to the Citizens Again proposed solution costing approximately $4,000 per year, per person with many more facilities, amenities, activities, and services than this Tuff Sheds proposal.

Duane Nason

Founder of Citizens Again. Certified crazy guy trying to end homelessness. Lifelong entrepreneur, degree in mathematics, software engineer by trade.

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