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Project Status

Public status updates will be provided to ensure project transparency, the integrity of deliverables, and management accountability.

Quick Summary

Current Phase: Initiate (Phase I)

Status Updates

As the project moves forward, updates on funding, deliverables, goals, advancements in a team, new partnerships, and other info will be documented here. Follow Twitter and Facebook for big news as it happens.



  • Raised $30 in crowdfunding for February. Current total $1515


  • Updated website (content, code, features)
  • Created lists of organizations, politicians and city leaders to contact
  • Created FAQ
  • Rewrote GoFundMe campaign content to simplify
  • WIP writing article to be published soon

Spent February mostly preparing for an upcoming full launch of the project.

Next Steps

  • Publish article
  • Full launch of Citizens Again



  • Launched 12/17/2019 via press release
  • Coverage from 8 media outlets
  • Raised $1,515 through 32 donors via crowdfunding


  • Restructured content and layout on front page website in order to quickly give more info (based on the weblogs, very few visitors went on browse through the site)
  • Added all links to press the news articles, and videos in the Press section
  • Conducted interviews and put together a video of people that would like to live in the city
  • Attended community events with a homeless organization
  • Conducted interviews with reporters
  • Website tech updates
  • Website content updates

The project was launched, some media picked up the story, collectively over 2,000 shares from stories, and approximately 10,000 comments were posted. Comments were mostly negative. After reading many comments, 3 things were clear: many people have disdain for the homeless; they didn’t like the premise of this project; and overwhelmingly, they did not read more than just the title of the article before posting comments, as most questions and issues they posted were answered in the article, the press release, and the website.

Next Steps
Begin contacting others

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