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Quantifiable Goals

To achieve the company’s mission, every decision made on this project fits into one of these categorical goals.

Relocation Percentage

If they don’t come, then it won’t be successful. So to attract as many homeless as possible, it’s vital to create a destination that overwhelmingly fulfills their needs and wants, is highly desirable, and is too irresistible to pass up.

Retention Rate

If they don’t like living there, they’ll leave. So the City needs to be a safe place to live, have plenty of amenities to prevent boredom, and be a place where they can feel a sense of belonging to the community.

Reentry Success

It’s vital to break the cycle of homelessness. For those that wish to reenter society, the City will provide the opportunity to gain life success skills, job training, counseling, and placement services to help when they leave. Case managers and outside agencies will assist and follow-up to help with success.


If it’s too expensive to maintain, then it won’t last. By creating a city from the ground up, costs can be reduced through a variety of ways: streamlining operations with automation and technology; implementing methods to simplify city maintenance; utilizing on-site solar farm; employing citizens for jobs around the City, and generate revenue from selling city-sourced products and services.

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If housing the nation's entire chronic homeless population was easy, it would already be done.

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