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Our mission is to help the
homeless become citizens again

Photos Of Homeless People Suffering On The Streets


Use innovation and empathy
to change lives

Citizens Again is working to build an environment large-enough to obtain economies of scale, in order to cost-effectively provide more housing, with more services, to more people, quicker and at a lower cost than any other housing effort.

Duane Nason


Not the status quo

Hi, I’m Duane, founder of Citizens Again.

Years ago, I was working as a software engineer in the corporate world. I was laid off, and I realized I wanted to make a difference to others. So I left my career. I moved my family to a more affordable area to live, and began my effort to “change the world.”

I tried a few things, but I realized I could have the greatest impact on those that need help the most – the chronic homeless.

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life. I started a computer magazine at age 22; I’ve created sold-out seminars; I’ve created websites and apps; I rented a Major League baseball park for a startup expo; and when I was a kid, I went door-to-door and sold personalized greeting cards to earn myself a pinball machine.

Helping others isn’t new either. I’ve volunteered quite a bit in my life, and I met my wife volunteering in her 4th-grade classroom. I’ve been married 18 years, and we have three boys. And I have a degree in mathematics.

Great things are coming. Stay tuned.


Create economies of scale to help prevent, reduce, and exit homelessness

This will be accomplished by creating a system to help the current unserved, as well as work with partners across the country to help make a difference with homelessness.

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