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Project Planning

Initial project phases and timeline.

Tablet With Citizens Again Project Plan Admin Dashboard


Create the foundational aspects necessary to establish clarity of the problem, solution, and set the path for project success.


  • Master Plan v.1.0
  • Website
  • Online Forum
  • Knowledge Resource Library
  • Mockups (images, videos, and interactive)
  • Research reports
  • Whitepaper: 20 Building Blocks of Humanity


  • Initial crowdfunding
  • Initial government funding and commitments
  • Initial philanthropist funding and commitments
  • Key supporters
  • Critical starting team and external partners
  • Active online forum
  • Most extensive online collection of easily accessible knowledge resources

Define all aspects related to building and running the City, as well as optimizing the successful experiences for all future citizens, and identifying the processes and needs for citizens to reintegrate back into society.


  • Master Plan v.2.0
  • Business Plan v.1.0
  • Citizen Processes
  • Needs and Wants Assessment Report (regarding citizens, workers, location, transportation, etc.)
  • Identify and obtain Location Transportation Agreements (with crucial parties and government)
  • Identify and acquire site location (with government support and backing)
  • Legal contracts
  • Government funding commitments


  • Identify experts, advisors, and ideal partners for design, development, and various processes
  • Complete initial internal team
  • Identify best materials to fit the City’s needs (low maintenance, longevity, etc.)

Design all physical aspects of City architecture, innovation, transportation, and more. Identify all processes starting from arriving at remote Intake Centers, to living in the City, to preparing to leave, and finally, integrating back into society.


  • All building and facilities plans
  • City map
  • Full visuals and mockups of most aspects of the City, including 3D renderings, 3D video walkthroughs, digital interactive simulators, scaled models, some constructed 1:1 scaled prototypes (for rooms, beds, wristbands, clothes, full dorm wings, etc.)
  • Comprehensive analysis of materials, including longevity, anticipated maintenance routines, tampering and sabotage resilience, etc.
  • Updated materials, including project development budget, timeline for delivery, annual expenditures, etc.
  • Contractual agreement with 100% full local/state/federal government committal of funding for building and running the City


  • Design every aspect of the City in this phase.
  • Signoff on proposed design, materials, processes from various agencies and experts to ensure issues are caught or minimized early on.
  • Signoff from a diverse group of potential citizens on all aspects. Address issues and re-design if needed.

Begin simultaneous development across the City, transportation, and other aspects.


  • City and perimeter structures
  • Transportation to City
  • Development of remote intake centers
  • Personal citizen items (clothes, shoes, PADDs, etc.)
  • Operational Procedures and Methodologies (manuals and training for every aspect of the City)


  • Deliver on-time
  • Deliver on-budget
  • Make necessary changes if failed to catch issues earlier on

Test all systems, procedures, and methodologies in on-going stages during development, and completion of specific items in development. Hire and train city staff to learn and test processes. Upon completion of elements and fixed issues, full city-wide acceptance testing will be performed with masses of beta testers. Resolve issues.


  • Unit testing acceptance
  • Integration testing acceptance
  • System-level testing
  • Initial acceptance level testing
  • Negative scenario testing
  • Complete hiring of initial City staff.


  • Identify issues and fix
  • Ensure things work as desired
  • City staff fully trained

Populating the City will be paced out over approximately two years to carefully scale systems, minimize issues, and ensure citizen integration success.


  • Meet the success criteria levels

This phase will begin during Debug and Deploy phases and will be continuously updated to ensure all lessons learned are captured for future deployments in the US or around the world.

Note: This is a very simplified version of the life cycle. Deliverables and goals are subject to change. All dates and timelines are subject to change and are dependent on a wide range of factors, including funding, labor, and materials availability, government interaction, etc.


The project’s timeline is based on leadership and management from Citizens Again and other agencies in the private sector, along with the assumption of proper governmental support.

'17 '18 '19 '20 '21 '22 '23 '24 '25 '26 '27 '28 '29 '30 '31 '32 '33
Initiate   Initiate ('17 - '21)
  Define   Define ('22 - '23)
                        Design   Design ('24 - '25)
  Develop ('26 - '30)   Develop            
  Debug ('30 - '32)   Debug        
  Deploy ('32 - '33)   Deploy
  Debrief ('30 - '33)    
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