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Conceptual designs for
a glimpse into the future.


The City will be built as a complete solution, from the ground up, catering towards America’s entire chronic homeless adult population. It will be a secure, all-inclusive city, with all the amenities and services necessary for a 150,000 high-needs population.


Every effort will be made to create a calming atmosphere that balances simplified functionality with tranquility.


Each of the 4 neighborhoods will have their own cafeteria and kitchen. Each building will be 3 stories, consisting of a kitchen basement, first-floor serving and seating, and top-floor serving and seating. This image shows one room with seating for 1,400 people.

TV Pods

TV Pods are semi-enclosed rooms with tiered seating for citizens to watch TV in a community environment within their neighborhood. Each TV Pod will play a unique channel, giving the entire 1-acre floor many viewing options.

RFID Wristbands & Access Turnstiles

Citizens will scan their Wristbands through Access Turnstiles to gain entry to their residential building, their dorm rooms, and venues, as well as perform tasks such as job check-in, purchase items with credits, check their daily schedule, account for meals, log medicine consumption, and more.

Dorm Room

Dorm rooms are similar concepts to college dorm rooms and sleeping rooms in long-distance passenger trains: they're a safe, comfortable place to sleep and rest. To minimize sleep disruptions, rooms will have blackout shades, noise-proofing walls and doors, and white-noise makers to drown out other disturbances. Bunk beds are configurable for single, double, and triple occupancy. Communal bathroom facilities with private showers and fresh linens are available in every wing, on every floor, of every building.

Storage Lockers

On-site storage lockers managed by City staff will securely store all citizen possessions, making them available when/if citizens choose to leave the City. The City will clean and sterilize all items before placed into storage.

Underground Tunnels

Tunnels under the City will be used to minimize disruption of Citizen life. Deliveries and logistics can be performed without clogging city streets; city workers can quickly get to job sites; and infrastructure maintenance and upgrades can be performed without tearing up paved city streets.

Dorm Building

Citizens live in the dorms, which consist of sleeping rooms, and communal bathrooms with private showers. Each building consists of 16 floors, 5 wings per floor, with 40 rooms per wing. That equates to 3,200 rooms per building.


Every neighborhood will have an arcade, complete with arcade games, pool tables, ping pong, foosball, air hockey, and much more.

Floor Plan of One Wing in Dorm Building

One wing of a five wing residential dorm building. Forty bedrooms per wing. Occupancy per wing: 40/80/120 based on single/double/triple occupancy.

City Map

A master-planned city for America's entire chronic homeless population. View high-res version.
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