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A great idea, backed by numbers that work.

Calculations And Data For Research And Analysis


  Estimate A Estimate B Estimate C
Project Timeline (entire project) 16 Years N/C N/C
Opening Year 2031 N/C N/C
Duration to Populate 2 Years N/C N/C
Fully Populated By (year end) 2033 N/C N/C
Cost to Build $2.2B $2.9B $3.4B
City Employees 2,264 (50k pop.) 2,958 (100k pop.) 3,571 (150k pop.)
Acres (City) ≈300 N/C N/C
Acres (City + perimeter) ≈500 N/C N/C


Detailed preliminary estimates on building costs and sizing.
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Detailed preliminary estimates to run the City, including per capita, meals, healthcare, etc.
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Preliminary staffing estimates for the City.
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Efforts to reduce taxpayer contributions for City expenditures.
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