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Building a City to End
Chronic Street Homelessness

It will help them off the streets quicker than today’s efforts and cost less.

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Citizens Again is a project to build a city for America’s entire chronic homeless population.

By having a single location instead of thousands of shelters across the country, the City can save billions of tax dollars every year, it will be quicker to implement, and it will provide a better life for the nation’s homeless.


A Growing and Expensive Crisis

Despite decades of promises made by politicians to end homelessness, the crisis keeps growing and costing taxpayers more every year.

Chronic Homeless
1 Year Change
2018 to 2019
Now 96,000 Adults
Annual Spending
on Homelessness
Counting federal + housing
+ state + municipalities
Avg. Cost PP
Per Chronic Homeless Person
Based on metro cities

Housing First is a governmental program to provide supportive housing for the homeless.

Housing First
200 Years
Housing First
Cost to Build
150k homeless (New York Times)
Housing First
Land Needed
4,000 Acres
Based on various current efforts
Housing First
Annual Est. Spending
Assuming 150k housed @ $40k

“To end the crisis, we need to focus on solving their problems first, instead of the problems they cause society.”


Duane Nason
Founder, Citizens Again


“A lot of tragedies happen that cause people to become homeless, and it would be great to have a second chance.”


A City for the Homeless to Become Citizens Again

To create a destination and community they want to live in, the City will have all the amenities of a city with a 150,000 population, along with necessary supportive services specific for the citizens.

By building from the ground up, the City can provide specialized facilities, improve safety and security, streamline operations, and use long-lasting building materials, unlike previous housing programs.

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For the Most in Need

The chronic street homeless are the most resource-intensive and costly segment of the homeless population, so they will be the primary population. The City will also help others who need assistance with preventing and leaving homelessness.

Chronic Homeless

Chronic Homeless

They struggle with disabilities that make it hard to live and work in society.

Waiting for Housing

Waiting for Housing

Wait lists for housing programs can be 2 years or longer. The City can keep them healthy until space opens up.

Receiving Healthcare

Receiving Healthcare

The homeless can receive medical care and surgery and stay to recuperate, to avoid situations like this.

Obtaining Training & Skills

Obtaining Training & Skills

The City can provide job training and necessary life skills to help exit and stay out of homelessness.


A Complete City for a Complete Solution

It will be a city they’ll want to live in, a community they’ll want to be part of, and for those that desire, an opportunity to gain life skills to integrate back into society.


  • Hospital
  • Dental and Vision Services
  • Mental Health

Entertainment & Activities

  • Movie Theatre
  • Bowling Alley
  • Sports Courts

Various Facilities

  • Hotel for visiting family
  • Dog park and kennel
  • Perimeter staff housing

Reentry Preparation

  • Job Training
  • GED certificates
  • Housing & Job Placement

And much more.

View full list of Facilities, Amenities, Services, and Support


Building 1 Location, Instead of 4,000,
Makes All This Possible

By building a single location for a large population, economies of scale can be achieved allowing for benefits no other effort can offer.


House 150,000 in 11 years; not 200

The Government’s Housing First program works. But it will take 200 years to build enough housing. With Citizens Again, it will take 11 years.


Save Billions for Taxpayers

Unlike Housing First, the City will be built outside the urban core. This will save billions in construction costs. Email for more information.


Break the Cycle

The City can cost-effectively provide more services, job training, and counselors to help citizens become self-sufficient to exit homelessness.

Redefining Humanity

A Place to Thrive

Citizens Again has uniquely identified a deeper understanding of what’s needed for people to thrive, not just survive. It goes way beyond today’s humanity minimums of shelter, clothes, and food. It’s called the 20 Building Blocks of Humanity, and it will encompass every aspect of service for the City.


Let’s Start the Process

A variety of funding sources will be used to create and run the City, starting with crowdfunding to create the documents and research reports necessary to obtain next-level funding.



Private Equity



Comprehensive Master Plan

The City is a long-term solution and will be designed and built as such.

Comprehensive Master Plan - Citizens Again

All aspects of the City, including land use, buildings, logistics, processes, innovations, citizen life, community development, and much more, are documented in the Comprehensive Master Plan.

It’s a highly detailed plan with over 2 years in the making and is still a work in progress with over 700 pages (this website has the equivalent of 40 book pages of content).

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