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Homeless housing is scattered across Los Angeles

Map Of Los Angeles 2020 Prop HHH Housing Projects Scattered

It seems everyone wants to live in Los Angeles, including 60,000 homeless.

But because of the availability of land, as well as lawsuits from the public who don’t want homeless housing in their neighborhood, housing for the chronically homeless in Los Angeles is spread all throughout the LA County. This creates a patchwork of housing sites, with redundancies in staffing and services, and many times caseworkers are required to travel to the locations.

With the Citizens Again City, having a single location would allow many more supportive services for a greater number of people, resulting in a lower cost. And by being located away from neighborhoods, the public wouldn’t oppose the location (known as NIMBY – Not In My BackYard).

Of course, Citizens Again isn’t for everyone; but it’s a viable option to provide more housing, with more services, for more homeless, for a lower cost to taxpayers.

Duane Nason

Founder of Citizens Again. Certified crazy guy trying to end homelessness. Lifelong entrepreneur, degree in mathematics, software engineer by trade.

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