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Billions Spent Each Year

With the current efforts, there is no end in sight to the growing expenditures spent on the homelessness crisis.

Federal Spending for Homeless Programs and Services

By extrapolating previous enacted data for targeted homelessness assistance from Federal Budgets from 2012, 2016, and 2018, the averaged annualized growth rate was determined and applied to determine the future expenditure growth trend.

2018 Budget
Avg. Annual Increase
From 2009 to 2018
Previous 10 Year Cumulative
From 2007 to 2017
Projected 10 Year Cumulative
2019 to 2028

78% Spent on Chronic Homeless

The chronic homeless population accounts for only 18% of the overall homeless population, but they consume 78% of the federal homelessness budget.

Regional Spending

Many cities and municipalities raise additional taxes and bonds to supplement federal funding for combating homelessness.
New York City
This is double the amount from FY2014
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Santa Clara County
over 6 year period (‘07 – ‘12)
Orange County
Average Spending
Per Homeless Person ($PP)
Region Classification/Group $ PP
San Francisco Chronic Average (2016) $80k
Santa Clara County Chronic Average (2015) $83k
San Diego Most Frequent Users (2010) $111k
Seattle (King County) All Homeless (2018) $80k


per person

Individual Cost for the Top 10% of Chronic Homeless in Orange County, CA

Why so Expensive?

Here are just a few of the line items that get the expenditures so high.
$600 Ambulance Rides

$600 Ambulance Rides

Many times, 50% to 75% of calls are for the homeless.

$3,700 ER & Hospital

$3,700 ER & Hospital

Average cost for a homeless person. With an average of 5 visits per year, that’s $18,500 per person each year.

$126 Per Day in Jail

$126 Per Day in Jail

At Sacramento County Main Jail. Rates could be higher in other areas.

$109,000 Per Bed

$109,000 Per Bed

Cost for transitional housing for the homeless in San Francisco.

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